1983 Jeep CJ-8

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A long wheelbase version of the CJ-7, the Jeep® CJ-8 was introduced in 1981 and manufactured through 1986. The American Motor Company built the CJ-8, a 103-inch-wheelbase pickup with lots of rear overhang, as a replacement for the CJ-6. CJ-8s used the traditional transfer case with manual front-locking hubs to engage the four-wheel drive. During that time, most CJ-8s had either a four or five speed manual transmission, but three speed automatic transmissions were also optional.

For many Jeep® enthusiasts, the CJ-8 is also known as the “Scrambler,” which describes the appearance of the package in which many CJ-8s were presented, which included tape graphics and special wheels. The Jeep® CJ-8 “Scrambler,” is a limited edition classic and came in hard- or soft-top models. There were only 27,792 CJ-8s produced from 1981 to 1986.

The 1983 Jeep® CJ-8 seen today features chrome wheels, bumpers, tube steps, hinges, mirrors, as well as an aftermarket steering wheel.


  • Automatic transmission
  • Air conditioning (not common until Wranglers)
  • 33-inch tires
  • Removable half-cab and bulkhead
Manufacturer Jeep
Production 27,792 built
Engine Options 151 cubic inch, 82 hp & 125 ft./lbs. torque
258 cubic inch, 145 hp & 215 ft./lbs. torque
Transmission Options SR-4, T-4, T-5, T-176 manual; TF-904, TF-999 automatic
Transfer Case Dana 300
Rear Axle AMC 20
Front Axle Dana 30
Wheelbase 103.5 in.
Length 177.3 in.
Width 68.6 in.
Height 67.6 in. (soft top); 70.5 in. (hard top)
Curb Weight 2,701 lbs.
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