1964 Jeep CJ-5

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The short wheelbase and narrow frame of the CJ-5s allowed them to fit into places where full-size 4×4 trucks could not go. Their ability to maneuver over rough terrain made them ideal for park maintenance vehicles, forest fire protection, and transporting equipment and supplies to hard-to-reach places. Also helping them gain popularity was their low cost of repairs and operation.

The CJ-5 has the distinct honor of having the longest production run of any US vehicle. A total of 603,303 CJ-5s were produced between 1955 and 1983.

Manufacturer Jeep
Production 603,303
Engine Options Hurricane engine, 72 hp & 114 ft./lbs. torque
Perkins diesel, 62 hp & 143 ft./lbs. torque
Transmission Options T90, 3 speed manual transmission
Transfer Case Dana 18
Rear Axle Dana 27
Front Axle Dana 44
Wheelbase 81 in.
Length 135.5 in.
Width 71.5 in.
Height 67 in.
Curb Weight 2,469 lbs.
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