1951 Willys M38

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The Willys M38 was introduced in 1950 as a post-WWII military Jeep® based on the CJ-3A. A 1/4 ton 4 × 4 utility truck, the M38 was known as a light tactical vehicle and the successor of the Willys MB as they had several improved features. M38s were fitted with many military-specific features including a one-piece windshield, bottom-mounted wipers, a pintle hitch for towing, lifting shackles and a fuel filler on the driver’s side. For added convenience, these vehicles have pioneer tools (axe and shovel,) mounted on the passenger side and larger tires for rougher terrains. M38s were also known to have a stronger suspension and frame than that of its civilian sibling the CJ-3A. The water fording ventilation system and waterproof 24 volt electrical system were the major upgrades on the M38. An estimated total of 45,473 units were produced.


  • Axe and shovel
  • Larger tires (7″ X 16″)
  • 24 volt electrical system
  • Waterproof electrical system
  • Protruding headlights
  • Guard wires in front of headlights
  • Air vent in base of windshield
  • Blackout lights
  • Siren
  • Available Ramsey PTO winch
  • Wading equipment for streams
  • Unlike CJ-3A, the M38 does not have outside cowl step to improve ground clearance.
  • Available hard top, an all-metal enclosure.
Manufacturer Willys-Overland
Production 45,473 built
Engine Options Go Devil engine, 63 hp & 105 ft./lbs. torque
Transmission Options T90, 3 speed manual transmission
Transfer Case Spicer 18
Rear Axle Spicer 44-2, 5.38 ratio
Front Axle Spicer 25, 5.38 ratio
Wheelbase 80 in.
Length 133 in.
Width 62 in.
Height 74 in.
Curb Weight 2,750 lbs.
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