1948 Willys CJ-2A

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As WWII slowly wound down, Willys-Overland recognized the need for a civilian jeep that would increase the efficiency and overall agricultural productivity for farmers, as most of them were home coming from the war. During this time, there were 5.5 million farmers in the U.S, and of those, more than 4 million had neither a truck nor tractor.

This in turn led to the first mass production of the CJ-2A in late 1945 with the aim of replacing the common farm workhorses; in fact, the CJ-2A was marketed by Willys-Overland as “The All-Around Farm Work-Horse.” The CJ-2A was just as efficient as two horses, operating at a speed of 4 miles per hour, 10 hours a day, without overheating the engine. Willys-Overland also advertised the CJ-2A as “A Powerhouse on Wheels,” pitching it as supplementary to all farm and agricultural needs. The CJ-2A was known to be the model that served agriculture and industry all over the world.


  • Farming features and industrial tools were devised for use in combination with an onboard power take-off unit.
  • Radiator brush guard
  • Driveshaft guards
  • Belt pulley drive
  • Capstan winch
  • Rear hydraulic lift
  • Snow plow
  • Welder
  • Generator
  • Mower disc
  • Front bumper weight
  • Heavy duty springs
  • Front and Rear PTO
  • Center rear view mirror
  • Belt-driven governor controlled from instrument panel: Allowing regulation of engine speeds from 1,000 to 2,600 rpm
  • Large and flush mounted headlights
  • Dual vacuum windshield wipers

Offered in almost 40 different colors between 1946 and 1949

Manufacturer Willys-Overland
Production 214,760 built
Engine Options Go Devil engine, 63 hp & 105 ft./lbs. torque
Transmission Options T90, 3 speed manual transmission
Transfer Case Spicer 18
Rear Axle Spicer 41-2, 5.38 ratio
Front Axle Spicer 25, 5.38 ratio
Wheelbase 80 in.
Length 130.8 in.
Width 59 in.
Height 69 in.
Curb Weight 2,137 lbs.
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