1947 Willys Station Wagon

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Known as the world’s first SUV, the 1947 Willy’s Station Wagon was introduced in 1946 by Willys Overland Motors, and was one of Willy’s most successful post-World War II models. It was produced around the same time that many consumers began to move to suburbs after the war period, making it more necessary to concentrate on luxury over military efficiency.

These vehicles were as comfortable as they were luxurious and were created to accommodate multiple passengers. During this time, instead of one or two children, more and more families were expanding to three or four, creating the need for a luxurious and spacious family car that emphasized style.


  • First all-steel factory-built station wagon in North America
  • Not prone to weathering, peeling, or squeaks like old style “Woodies.”
  • Wooden ribs to protect the floor
  • Ornate steering wheel and gauges in the dash
  • Electric wipers
  • Manual shift on the column, leaving the floor open and allowing three people to fit comfortably on front seat.
  • Optional Overdrive unit
  • Split sliding windows to provide air circulation throughout the car
  • Fold down tailgate
  • 2WD
  • Four-wheel drive became an option in 1949
Manufacturer Willys-Overland Motors & Kaiser-Jeep
Production 300,000+ built
Engine Options Go Devil engine, 63 hp & 105 ft./lbs. torque
Lightning engine, 148 cubic inch, 70 hp & 118 ft./lbs. torque
Lightning engine, 161 cubic inch, 75 hp & 125 ft./lbs. torque
Hurricane engine, 75 hp & 114 ft./lbs. torque
Super Hurricane, 115 hp & 190 ft./lbs. torque
Tornado, 140 hp & 210 ft./lbs. torque
Transmission Options T90, T96, 3 speed manual transmission
Rear Axle Spicer 23 (2WD); Spicer 41-2, Spicer 44
Front Axle Planar
WheelBase 104.5 in.
Length 176.25 in.
Width 68.8 in.
Height 72.75 in.
Curb weight 3,278 lbs.
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